09-04-2019 - 13-04-2019 / Timezone: UTC+01:00
European Grand Prix 2019 - CQT Minsk 2019
9 Apr 2019, Tuesday
Official Practice
Field Set Up
10:00-11:30Recurve Men
11:30-13:00Recurve Women
Team Officials Meeting
12:30-13:00on the venue
Lunch Break
13:00-13:45on the venue
Opening Ceremony
13:45-14:00on the venue
Qualification Rounds
Compound Qualification Round
14:00-14:152 ends of practice
14:15-17:15Distance 1
10 Apr 2019, Wednesday
Qualification Rounds
Recurve Men Qualification Round
08:00-08:152 ends of practice
08:15-11:45Recurve Men Qualification Round
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Recurve Women Qualification Round
12:00-12:152 ends of practice
12:15-15:45Recurve Women Qualification Round
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Compound Qualification Round
16:00-16:15Compound Qualification Round Warmup
16:15-17:45Distance 2
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Individual Matches
18:05-18:151/48: CM warmup
18:15-18:551/48: CM
18:55-19:051/24: CM, CW warmup
19:05-19:451/24: CM, CW
11 Apr 2019, Thursday
Individual Matches
08:00-08:101/48: RM warmup
08:10-08:501/48: RM
08:50-09:001/48: RW warmup
09:00-09:401/48: RW
09:40-09:501/24: RM, RW warmup
09:50-10:301/24: RM, RW
10:30-10:40Field Set Up
10:40-10:551/16: RW, CM warmup
10:55-11:351/16: RW, CM
11:35-11:501/16: RM, CW warmup
11:50-12:301/16: RM, CW
12:30-13:00Lunch Break
13:00-13:101/8: RM, RW, CM, CW warmup
13:10-13:501/8: RM, RW, CM, CW
13:50-14:301/4: RM, RW, CM, CW
14:30-15:101/2: RM, RW, CM, CW
15:00-15:40Bronze: RM, RW, CM, CW
Team Matches
15:50-16:051/12: QTM warmup
16:05-16:451/12: QTM
1/8: QTM, QTW warmup
17:00-17:401/8: QTM, QTW
17:40-18:201/4: QTM, QTW
18:20-19:001/2: QTM, QTW
19:00-19:40Bronze: QTM, QTW
Gold: QTM, QTW
12 Apr 2019, Friday
Team Matches
08:15-08:301/8: RMT warmup
08:30-09:101/8: RMT
09:10-09:251/8: RWT, CMT warmup
09:25-10:051/8: RWT, CMT
10:05-10:201/4: RMT, RWT, CMT, CWT warmup
10:20-11:001/4: RMT, RWT, CMT, CWT
11:00-11:401/2: RMT, RWT, CMT, CWT
11:40-12:20Bronze: RMT, RWT, CMT, CWT
Individual Matches
13:00-13:15Starting Phase to be decided after Team Event
13:15-13:551/48: QCM
13:55-14:101/24: QRM, QCM warmup
14:10-14:501/24: QRM, QCM
14:50-15:051/24: QCW warmup
1/16: QRM warmup
15:05-15:451/24: QCW
15:05-15:201/24: QCW warmup
15:05-15:451/16: QRM
15:45-16:001/16: QRW, QCM, QCW warmup
16:00-16:401/16: QRW, QCM, QCW
16:40-16:551/8: QRM, QRW, QCM, QCW warmup
16:55-17:351/8: QRM, QRW, QCM, QCW
17:35-18:151/4: QRM, QRW, QCM, QCW
18:15-18:551/2: QRM, QRW, QCM, QCW
18:55-19:25Bronze: QRM, QRW, QCM, QCW
13 Apr 2019, Saturday
Secondary Tournament
08:00-10:00For Minsk Qualification
Individual Matches
08:15-08:501/4: SRM, SRW, SCM
08:50-09:251/2: SRM, SRW, SCM, SCW
09:25-10:00Bronze: SRM, SRW, SCM, SCW
Team Matches
10:00-10:15 +151/8: RXT, CXT warmup
10:15-10:45 +151/8: RXT, CXT
10:45-11:15 +151/4: RXT, CXT
Individual Matches
11:00-11:30 +151/4: SCW
Team Matches
11:15-11:45 +151/2: RXT, CXT
11:45-12:15 +15Bronze: RXT, CXT
Individeual and Team Finals
13:30-13:50 +45
Gold: Compound Mixed Team
Great Britain (GBR) - (ITA) Italy
13:50-14:15 +60
Gold: Compound Women Team
Estonia (EST) - (GBR) Great Britain
14:15-14:40 +50
Gold: Compound Men Team
Great Britain (GBR) - (GER) Germany
Individual Matches
14:40-15:00 +50
Gold: Compound Women
MLINARIC Amanda (CRO) - (ITA) TONIOLI Marcella
15:00-15:20 +50
Gold: Compound Men
DELLA STUA Valerio (ITA) - (GER) LAUBE Marcus
Team Matches
15:30-15:50 +40
Gold: Recurve Mixed Team
Belarus (BLR) - (ITA) Italy
15:50-16:10 +40
Gold: Recurve Women Team
Germany (GER) - (RUS) Russia
16:10-16:30 +35
Gold: Recurve Men Team
Netherlands (NED) - (FRA) France
Individual Matches
16:30-16:50 +35
Gold: Recurve Women
16:50-17:10 +35
Gold: Recurve Men
Award Ceremony
17:10-17:40 +45Recurve & Compound
Closing Ceremony
17:40-17:55 +45on the field
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