17-04-2022 - 18-04-2022 / Timezone: UTC+02:00
Invictus Games The Hague 2022
17 Apr 2022, Sunday
Qualification Rounds
Qualification Round
08:00-08:45Warm-up (AB-CD)
09:00-12:45Qualification Round
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12:55Shoot Off, if necessary
13:00-14:20Lunch Break
Individual Matches
14:20-14:302 ends of practice immediately followed by competition
14:30-15:051/8: IA2, IA4, IA6
15:05-15:401/4: IA2, IA4, IA6
IA1 + IA5 warm-up
15:40-16:151/2: IA1, IA2, IA4, IA5, IA6
Team Matches
16:45-16:552 ends of practice immediately followed by competition, byes can shoot
16:55-17:201/4: NR, OC
17:20-17:451/2: NR, OR, OC
18 Apr 2022, Monday
Team Finals
Bronze: Novice Recurve Mixed Team
United Kindom (GB) - (CA) Canada
Gold: Novice Recurve Mixed Team
Denmark (DK) - (PL) Poland
09:50-10:00Medal Ceremony - Novice Recurve Mixed Team
Bronze: Open Recurve Mixed Team
United Kindom (GB) - (NL) Netherlands
Gold: Open Recurve Mixed Team
Romania (RO) - (UA) Ukraine
10:50-11:00Medal Ceremony - Open Recurve Mixed Team
Bronze: Open Compound Mixed Team
Poland (PL) - (IT) Italy
Gold: Open Compound Mixed Team
Romania (RO) - (US) USA
11:50-12:00Medal Ceremony - Open Compound Mixed Team
12:00-13:00Lunch Break
Individual Finals
Bronze: Novice Recurve Women
PUZANOVA Anna-Sofia (UA) - (CA) CHOUINARD Amélie
Gold: Novice Recurve Women
MCBAIN Sherry Louise (GB) - (FR) MAYA Rose-Marie
Bronze: Novice Recurve Men
LIS Rafal (PL) - (CA) LAVERGNE Jean-François
Gold: Novice Recurve Men
PADLEY Stuart (GB) - (FR) PRETOT Stéphane
14:20-14:30Medal Ceremony - Novice Recurve Women and Men
Bronze: Open Recurve Men
SKRAJNY Andrzej (PL) - (RO) ROMILA Eduard Vlad
Gold: Open Recurve Men
KIM Kanghun (KR) - (RO) COJOCARU Emil Florin
15:10-15:20Medal Ceremony - Open Recurve Men
Gold: Open Compound Women
SANCHEZ Michelle (US) - (US) HUDGINS Tiffany
Bronze: Open Compound Men
DEVERICKS Richard (US) - (US) GODFREY JR Douglas
Gold: Open Compound Men
NEAGU Marcel (RO) - (US) CAMPFIELD Brett
16:20-16:30Medal Ceremony - Open Compound Women and Men
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Novice Recurve Mixed Team
Open Recurve Mixed Team
Open Compound Mixed Team
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