26-08-2019 - 30-08-2019 / Timezone: UTC+01:00
Rabat 2019 African Games
25 Aug 2019, Sunday
16:00-18:00Open Practice
26 Aug 2019, Monday
09:00-12:00Official Practice and Equipment Inspection
11:00-12:00Team Managers Meeting
27 Aug 2019, Tuesday
Ranking Round
Ranking Round
09:00-12:003 Practice ends immediately followed by qualification
Ranking Round
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28 Aug 2019, Wednesday
Team Matches
09:00-09:153 Practice ends immediately followed by competiton
09:15-09:451/8: RM
RW Warm Up, RM Byes can shoot
1/4: Recurve Women Team
Algeria (ALG) - (CHA) Chad
1/4: RM, RW
RW Byes can shoot
10:15-10:451/2: RW
1/2: RM
11:00-11:153 Practice ends immediately followed by competiton
11:15-11:401/8: RX
RX Byes can Shoot
11:40-12:051/4: RX
12:05-12:301/2: RX
29 Aug 2019, Thursday
Individual Matches
09:00-09:153 Practice ends immediately followed by competiton
09:15-10:001/24: RM
1/16: RW
10:00-10:15RM: 3 Practice ends immediately followed by competiton
1/8: RW warmup
10:15-11:001/16: RM
1/8: RW warmup
11:00-11:451/8: RW
1/8: RM
11:45-12:301/4: RM, RW
12:30-13:151/2: RM, RW
30 Aug 2019, Friday
Medal Matches
Bronze: Recurve Women Team
Chad (CHA) - (MAR) Morocco
Gold: Recurve Women Team
Egypt (EGY) - (CIV) Cote d'Ivoire
Bronze: Recurve Men Team
Algeria (ALG) - (RSA) South Africa
Gold: Recurve Men Team
Egypt (EGY) - (TUN) Tunisia
Bronze: Recurve Mixed Team
Chad (CHA) - (CIV) Cote d'Ivoire
Gold: Recurve Mixed Team
Egypt (EGY) - (NAM) Namibia
Individual Matches
Bronze: Recurve Women
ADAM Amal (EGY) - (RSA) WHITEHEAD Catharina
Gold: Recurve Women
DIOMBO Esmei Anne-Marcelle (CIV) - (TUN) ELWALID Rihab
Bronze: Recurve Men
TOLBA Youssof (EGY) - (CHA) MADAYE Israel
Gold: Recurve Men
HAMMED Mohamed (TUN) - (EGY) MOHAMED Sherif
15:00-16:00Award Ceremony
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Recurve Women Team
Recurve Mixed Team
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