13-05-2018 - 19-05-2018
European Youth Cup 2018 Leg 1
14 May 2018, Monday
Boys Official Practice
10:00-12:30Boys Official Practice
Girls Official Practice
13:00-15:30Girls Official Practice
15 May 2018, Tuesday
Qualification Rounds
Boys Qualification Round
09:00-09:40Boys Qualification Round Warmup
09:40-13:00Boys Qualification Round
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Girls Qualification Round
14:00-14:40Girls Qualification Round Warmup
14:40-18:00Girls Qualification Round
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16 May 2018, Wednesday
Team Matches
09:00-09:201/8: RJX, RCX warmup
09:20-09:451/8: RJX, RCX
Mixed Team Finals
09:20-09:451/4: RJX, RCX warmup
1/2: CCX warmup
09:45-10:101/4: RJX, RCX
1/2: CCX
Croatia (CRO) - (ITA) Italy
1/2: CCX warmup
1/2: CJX warmup
10:10-10:351/2: CJX
1/2: RJX, RCX
1st/2nd Place Match: Compound Cadet Mixed Team
Estonia (EST) - (ITA) Italy
11:00-11:20Bronze: Compound Junior Mixed Team
Italy (ITA) - (SUI) Switzerland
11:20-11:40Gold: Compound Junior Mixed Team
Estonia (EST) - (RUS) Russia
11:40-12:00Bronze: Recurve Cadet Mixed Team
Russia (RUS) - (POL) Poland
12:00-12:20Gold: Recurve Cadet Mixed Team
France (FRA) - (TUR) Turkey
12:20-12:35Bronze: Recurve Junior Mixed Team
France (FRA) - (UKR) Ukraine
12:35-12:50Gold: Recurve Junior Mixed Team
Italy (ITA) - (RUS) Russia
17 May 2018, Thursday
Individual Matches
09:00-09:301/48: RCM warmup
09:00-09:351/24: RJM warmup
09:30-10:051/48: RCM
09:30-10:001/24: RJM, RCM warmup
10:05-10:451/24: RJM
1/24: RJM, RCM
1/16: RJM, RCM warmup
10:45-11:251/16: RJM, RCM
10:45-11:201/8: CJM, CCM warmup
11:25-12:001/8: CJM, CCM
1/8: CJM, CCM warmup
1/8: RJM, RCM
12:00-12:351/4: RJM, RCM, CJM, CCM
12:35-13:101/2: RJM, RCM, CJM, CCM
14:00-14:301/24: RCW warmup
1/16: RJW warmup
14:30-15:101/24: RCW
1/16: RJW, RCW warmup
Competition Stopped
14:50-16:10because Weather Conditions
Individual Matches
15:10-15:50 +801/16: RJW
1/16: RJW, RCW
1/8: RJW, CJW, CCW warmup
15:50-16:30 +801/8: RJW, CJW, CCW
1/8: RCW
1/4: CJW, CCW warmup
16:30-17:10 +801/4: CJW, CCW
1/4: RJW, RCW
17:10-17:45 +801/2: RJW, RCW, CJW, CCW
18 May 2018, Friday
Team Matches
09:00-09:301/8: RJM, RCM warmup
Team Finals
09:30-10:001/8: RJM, RCM
1/8: RJM, RCM warmup
10:00-10:301/4: RJM, RCM
1st/2nd Place Match: Compound Cadet Men Team warmup
10:30-11:001st/2nd Place Match: Compound Cadet Men Team
Denmark (DEN) - (GBR) Great Britain
1/2: RJM, RCM
11:30-12:001/8: RCW warmup
1/4: RJW, RCW warmup
12:00-12:301/8: RCW
1/4: RJW, RCW warmup
1/2: Compound Cadet Women Team warmup
12:30-13:001/4: RJW, RCW
1/4: Recurve Junior Women Team warmup
1/4: Recurve Junior Women Team
Estonia (EST) - (POL) Poland
1/2: Compound Cadet Women Team
Romania (ROU) - (EST) Estonia
1st/2nd Place Match: CJW, CCW warmup
13:00-13:301st/2nd Place Match: CJW, CCW
1/2: RJW, RCW
Individual Matches
14:00-14:15Gold: Compound Junior Women
14:30-14:45Gold: Compound Cadet Men
Team Matches
15:00-15:20Bronze: Recurve Cadet Women Team
Germany (GER) - (GBR) Great Britain
15:20-15:40Gold: Recurve Cadet Women Team
Turkey (TUR) - (POL) Poland
15:40-16:00Bronze: Recurve Cadet Men Team
Russia (RUS) - (NED) Netherlands
16:00-16:20Gold: Recurve Cadet Men Team
Belgium (BEL) - (TUR) Turkey
16:25-16:45Bronze: Recurve Junior Women Team
Estonia (EST) - (RUS) Russia
16:45-17:05Gold: Recurve Junior Women Team
France (FRA) - (UKR) Ukraine
17:05-17:25Bronze: Recurve Junior Men Team
Germany (GER) - (POL) Poland
17:25-17:45Gold: Recurve Junior Men Team
Russia (RUS) - (ITA) Italy
18:00-19:00Teams & Mixed Teams Award Ceremony
19 May 2018, Saturday
Individual Finals
09:30-09:45Bronze: Compound Cadet Women
PAAS Meeri-Marita (EST) - (ITA) BAZZICHETTO Elisa
09:45-10:00Gold: Compound Cadet Women
10:00-10:15Bronze: Compound Cadet Men
10:30-10:45Bronze: Compound Junior Women
KOROLEVA Elizaveta (RUS) - (UKR) HRABIK Oleksandra
11:00-11:15Bronze: Compound Junior Men
11:15-11:30Gold: Compound Junior Men
OLSEN Simon (DEN) - (ITA) SUT Jesse
11:35-11:50Bronze: Recurve Cadet Women
HUGHES Heather (GBR) - (FRA) RICHARD Melodie
11:50-12:05Gold: Recurve Cadet Women
12:05-12:20Bronze: Recurve Cadet Men
12:20-12:35Gold: Recurve Cadet Men
ROOS Senna (BEL) - (TUR) MARAS Efe GÜrkan
12:50-13:05Bronze: Recurve Junior Women
13:05-13:20Gold: Recurve Junior Women
13:20-13:35Bronze: Recurve Junior Men
KRAVCHUK Mykyta (UKR) - (GER) KUHLMANN Hauke Martijn
13:35-13:50Gold: Recurve Junior Men
BUDAEV Sodnom (RUS) - (DEN) RASMUSSEN Mikkel Berrig
14:30-15:30Individual Award Ceremony
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Recurve Junior Men
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Recurve Cadet Men
Recurve Cadet Women
Compound Junior Men
Compound Junior Women
Compound Cadet Men
Compound Cadet Women
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Recurve Junior Men Team
Recurve Junior Women Team
Recurve Cadet Men Team
Recurve Cadet Women Team
Recurve Junior Mixed Team
Recurve Cadet Mixed Team
Compound Junior Men Team  
Compound Junior Women Team
Compound Cadet Men Team
Compound Cadet Women Team
Compound Junior Mixed Team
Compound Cadet Mixed Team
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