02-03-2018 - 08-03-2018
4th Fazza Para Archery World Ranking Tournament
3 Mar 2018, Saturday
09:00-12:00Official Practice Recurve Open and W1
14:00-17:00Official Practice Compound Open
17:00-18:00Team Managers Meeting
4 Mar 2018, Sunday
Qualification Rounds
Recurve Open and W1
09:00-12:003 ends of practice immediately followed by competition
Recurve Open and W1
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Compound Open
14:00-17:003 ends of practice immediately followed by competition
Compound Open
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5 Mar 2018, Monday
Individual Matches
09:30-09:451/16: RMO, CMO warmup
09:45-10:301/16: RMO, CMO
Byes can shoot
10:30-10:451/8: RMO, CMO, CWO warmup
10:45-11:301/8: RMO, CMO, CWO
Byes can shoot
1/8: CWO
11:30-11:451/4: RMO, RWO, CMO, CWO, W1 warmup
11:45-12:251/4: RMO, RWO, CMO, CWO, W1
Byes can shoot
1/4: W1
12:25-13:051/2: RMO, RWO, CMO, CWO, W1
6 Mar 2018, Tuesday
Team Matches
09:30-09:451/4: RXO, CXO warmup
09:45-10:101/4: RXO, CXO
1/4: RXO, CXO warmup
10:10-10:351/2: RXO, CXO
11:00-11:151/8: FTR, FTC warmup
11:15-11:401/8: FTR, FTC
11:40-11:551/4: FTR, FTC warmup
11:55-12:201/4: FTR, FTC
1/2: FTW warmup
12:20-12:451/2: FTW
Snowy Beach (WT1) - (WT2) Sumo - Cucumber
1/2: FTW warmup
1/2: FTR, FTC
12:45-13:103rd/4th Place Match: FTR, FTC, FTW
1st/2nd Place Match: FTR, FTC, FTW
7 Mar 2018, Wednesday
Recurve Open Finals
10:00-10:20Bronze: Recurve Open Mixed Team
Thailand (THA) - (IRQ) Iraq
10:20-10:40Gold: Recurve Open Mixed Team
Japan (JPN) - (MGL) Mongolia
Individual Matches
10:40-10:55Bronze: Recurve Women Open
10:55-11:10Gold: Recurve Women Open
11:10-11:25Bronze: Recurve Men Open
NAMJILMAA Munkhbaatar (MGL) - (THA) INKAEW Sakon
11:25-11:40Gold: Recurve Men Open
NETSIRI Hanreuchai (THA) - (USA) MATHER Kevin
Compound Open and W1 Finals
14:00-14:20Bronze: Compound Open Mixed Team
Japan (JPN) - (CZE) Czech Republic
14:20-14:40Gold: Compound Open Mixed Team
Brazil (BRA) - (ITA) Italy
Individual Matches
14:40-14:57Bronze: Men/Women W1 (Rec/Comp)
14:57-15:14Gold: Men/Women W1 (Rec/Comp)
RUMARY Victoria (GBR) - (JPN) NAKA Yoshitsugu
15:14-15:31Bronze: Compound Women Open
PINE Phoebe (GBR) - (FRA) CHUPIN Julie
15:31-15:48Gold: Compound Women Open
GOGEL Jane Karla (BRA) - (ITA) SARTI Eleonora
15:48-16:05Bronze: Compound Men Open
HORNER Philippe (FRA) - (BRA) CASTRO Andrey
16:05-16:22Gold: Compound Men Open
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Recurve Men Open
Recurve Women Open
Compound Men Open
Compound Women Open
Men/Women W1 (Rec/Comp)
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Recurve Open Mixed Team
Compound Open Mixed Team
Friendship Mixed Countries Team - Recurve
Friendship Mixed Countries Team - Compound
Friendship Mixed Countries Team - W1
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