28-04-2017 - 30-04-2017 / Timezone: UTC-05:00
First Dakota Classic 2017
28 Apr 2017, Friday
Qualification Rounds
Fri - 12:00PM
12:00-15:00Fri - 12:00PM
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Fri - 03:00PM
15:00-18:00Fri - 03:00PM
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29 Apr 2017, Saturday
Qualification Rounds
Sat - 07:00AM
07:00-10:00Sat - 07:00AM
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Sat - 10:00AM
10:00-13:00Sat - 10:00AM
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Sat - 01:00PM
13:00-16:00Sat - 01:00PM
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Sat - 04:00PM
16:00-19:00Sat - 04:00PM
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30 Apr 2017, Sunday
Flights Finals
07:00-07:101/8: CO01, CO02, CO03, BH01 (Indoors) warmup
1/8: CO04, CO05, CO06, CO07, BH02 (Outdoors) warmup
07:10-07:501/8: CO01, CO02, CO03, BH01 (Indoors)
1/8: CO04, CO05, CO06, CO07, BH02 (Outdoors)
07:50-08:001/8: COYM, COYF (Indoors) warmup
1/4: CO01, CO02, CO03, RE01, BH01 (Indoors) warmup
08:00-08:401/8: COYM, COYF (Indoors)
1/8: COYM, COYF (Indoors) warmup
1/4: CO01, CO02, CO03, RE01, BH01 (Indoors)
08:00-08:301/4: CO04, CO05, CO06, CO07, BH02 (Outdoors)
08:00-08:401/2: CO01, CO02, CO03, CL01, RE01, BH01 (Indoors) warmup
08:30-09:001/32: C2ND (Outdoors) warmup
1/2: CO04, CO05, CO06, CO07, BH02 (Outdoors)
08:40-09:201/2: CO01, CO02, CO03, CL01, RE01, BH01 (Indoors)
1/4: Championship Recurve Male (Indoors) warmup
1/4: COYM, COYF (Indoors)
09:00-09:301/32: C2ND (Outdoors)
Bronze: CO04, CO05, CO06, CO07, BH02 (Outdoors)
Gold: CO04, CO05, CO06, CO07, BH02 (Outdoors)
1/4: Championship Recurve Male (Indoors)
BROOKS Spanky (US-KS) - (US-IA) BROOKS Randy
1/4: COCM, COCF (Indoors) warmup
1/2: COYM, COYF (Indoors)
Bronze: CO01, CO02, CO03, CL01, RE01, BH01 (Indoors)
Gold: CO01, CO02, CO03, CL01, RE01, BH01 (Indoors)
09:30-10:001/16: C2ND (Outdoors)
10:00-10:401/4: COCM, COCF (Indoors)
1/4: COCM, COCF (Indoors) warmup
10:00-10:301/4: C2ND, B2ND (Outdoors) warmup
1/8: C2ND (Outdoors)
10:00-10:40Bronze: COYM, COYF (Indoors)
Gold: COYM, COYF (Indoors)
10:30-11:001/4: C2ND, B2ND (Outdoors)
Championships Finals
10:40-11:201/16: CCO, CCS (Indoors) warmup
1/2: COCM, COCF (Indoors)
11:00-11:301/2: C2ND, B2ND (Outdoors)
11:20-12:001/16: CCO, CCS (Indoors)
Bronze: COCM, COCF (Indoors)
Bronze: C2ND, B2ND (Outdoors)
Gold: C2ND, B2ND (Outdoors)
12:00-12:251/8: CCO, CCS (Indoors)
Gold: Compound Cub Male (Indoors)
BRANDT Kapt (US-MO) - (US-SD) ENSTAD Spencer
12:25-12:501/8: CCF (Indoors) warmup
1/4: CCO, CCS (Indoors)
Gold: Compound Cub Female (Indoors)
12:50-13:151/8: CCF (Indoors)
1/4: COJM (Indoors) warmup
1/2: CCO, CCS (Indoors)
1/4: COJM (Indoors)
1/4: COJF (Indoors) warmup
1/4: CCF (Indoors)
Bronze: CCO, CCS (Indoors)
Gold: CCO, CCS (Indoors)
13:40-14:051/4: COJF (Indoors)
1/8: CCJ (Indoors) warmup
1/2: CCF, COJM (Indoors)
1/8: CCJ (Indoors)
FRANKLIN Conor (US-MN) - (US-ND) HOWES Braeden
1/4: CCJ, RCF (Indoors) warmup
1/2: COJF (Indoors)
Bronze: CCF, COJM (Indoors)
Gold: CCF, COJM (Indoors)
14:30-14:551/4: CCJ, RCF (Indoors)
1/4: CCJ, RCF (Indoors) warmup
1/2: CCJ, RCM, RCF (Indoors) warmup
Bronze: Compound Young Adult Female (Indoors)
MCCRACKEN Caroline (US-VA) - (US-ND) THOMAS Kinzie
Gold: Compound Young Adult Female (Indoors)
14:55-15:201/2: CCJ, RCM, RCF (Indoors)
15:20-15:45Bronze: CCJ, RCM, RCF (Indoors)
Gold: CCJ, RCM, RCF (Indoors)
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Compound Youth Male
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Compound Cub Male
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Recurve Young Adult Female  
Recurve Youth Female  
Recurve Cub Male  
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Compound Flights 2
Compound Flights 3
Compound Flights 4
Compound Flights 5
Compound Flights 6
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Recurve Flights 1
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Bowhunter Flights Second Chance 
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