02-03-2024 - 07-03-2024 / Timezone: UTC+03:00
8th Fazza Para Archery World Ranking Tournament
5 Mar 2024, Tuesday
10:10Team Manager's Meeting on the Finals Field
Individual Matches
10:30-10:453 ends of practice immediately followed by competition, top 8 can shoot
10:45-11:251/24: CMO
11:25-11:30Field re-setup
11:30-11:453 ends of practice immediately followed by competition
11:45-12:251/16: RWO, CMO
MW1 warmup
12:25-13:051/8: RWO, CMO, MW1
13:05-13:401/4: RWO, CMO, MW1
13:40-14:151/2: RWO, CMO, MW1
14:15-15:30Lunch Break
15:30-15:453 ends of practice immediately followed by competition
15:45-16:251/16: RMO, CWO
16:25-17:051/8: RMO, CWO
WW1 warmup
17:05-17:401/4: RMO, CWO, WW1
17:40-18:151/2: RMO, CWO, WW1
6 Mar 2024, Wednesday
Final Quota Tournament - Paris 2024 Paralympic Games - Schedule subject to change according to final participation and IQT results
09:00-12:00Individual Matches till Quarterfinals
17:00-20:00Semifinals and medal matches on Finals Venue
7 Mar 2024, Thursday
Team Matches
Bronze: Recurve Open Mixed Team
Türkiye (TUR) - (THA) Thailand
Gold: Recurve Open Mixed Team
Italy (ITA) - (JPN) Japan
Individual Matches
09:20-09:40Bronze: Recurve Women Open
09:40-10:00Bronze: Recurve Men Open
10:00-10:15Field re-setup
Team Matches
Bronze: W1 Mixed Team
Great Britain (GBR) - (KOR) Korea
Gold: W1 Mixed Team
Czech Republic (CZE) - (ITA) Italy
Bronze: Compound Open Mixed Team
India (IND) - (KOR) Korea
Gold: Compound Open Mixed Team
Türkiye (TUR) - (USA) USA
Individual Matches
11:55-12:15Bronze: Women W1
12:15-12:35Bronze: Men W1
12:35-12:55Bronze: Compound Women Open
12:55-13:15Bronze: Compound Men Open
13:15-16:00Lunch Break
Fazza Individual Gold Finals
16:00-16:18Gold: Women W1
16:18-16:36Gold: Men W1
16:36-16:54Gold: Compound Women Open
16:54-17:12Gold: Compound Men Open
17:12-17:24Field re-setup
17:24-17:42Gold: Recurve Women Open
17:42-18:00Gold: Recurve Men Open
18:15Award Ceremony
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Recurve Men Open
Recurve Women Open
Compound Men Open
Compound Women Open
Men W1
Women W1 
RMO Intercontinental QT Africa Oceania
RWO Intercontinental QT Africa Oceania
CMO Intercontinental QT Africa Oceania
CWO Intercontinental QT Africa Oceania
MW1 Intercontinental QT Africa Oceania  
RMO Final Quota Tournament  
RWO Final Quota Tournament  
CMO Final Quota Tournament  
CWO Final Quota Tournament  
MW1 Final Quota Tournament  
WW1 Final Quota Tournament  
Team EventsQualification RoundBracketsRankings
Recurve Open Mixed Team
W1 Mixed Team
Compound Open Mixed Team
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