28-06-2022 - 01-07-2022 / Timezone: UTC+01:00
Oran 2022 XIX Mediterranean Games
29 Jun 2022, Wednesday
Qualification Round RW + RM
Qualification Round RW + RM
09:00-11:30RW + RM - 3 Practice ends immediately followed by qualification (AB)
Qualification Round RW + RM
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11:45Recurve Shoot off, if any
Recurve Men 1/24 Eliminations
11:55-12:00RM: 1 end of practice immediately followed by competition, only matches
12:00-12:301/24: RM
12:30-15:00Lunch Break
Recurve Team 1/8 + 1/4 +1/2
15:00-15:153 ends of practice immediately followed by competition, byes can shoot
1/8: RM
Kosovo (KOS) - (CYP) Cyprus
15:45-16:15RW warmup, byes can shoot
1/4: RM
16:15-16:451/4: RW
RM warmup
16:45-17:151/2: RM, RW
30 Jun 2022, Thursday
Individual Eliminations
09:00-09:15RM + RW: 3 ends of practice immediately followed by competition, byes can shoot
09:15-09:551/16: RM, RW
09:55-10:351/8: RM, RW
10:35-11:101/4: RM, RW
11:10-11:451/2: RM, RW
11:45-14:30Lunch Break
Mixed Team 1/8 + 1/4 +1/2
14:30-14:453 ends of practice immediately followed by competition, byes can shoot
14:45-15:101/8: RX
15:10-15:351/4: RX
15:35-16:001/2: RX
1 Jul 2022, Friday
08:30Practice Field opens for Finalists
Recurve Team Finals
09:30-09:55Bronze: Recurve Women Team
09:55-10:20Gold: Recurve Women Team
10:20-10:30Recurve Women Team Award Ceremony
10:30-10:55Bronze: Recurve Men Team
10:55-11:20Gold: Recurve Men Team
11:20-11:30Recurve Men Team Award Ceremony
11:30-11:50Bronze: Recurve Mixed Team
11:50-12:10Gold: Recurve Mixed Team
12:10-12:20Recurve Mixed Team Award Ceremony
12:20-14:30Lunch Break
Recurve Individual Finals
14:30-14:45Bronze: Recurve Women
14:45-15:00Gold: Recurve Women
15:00-15:10Recurve Women Award Ceremony
15:10-15:25Bronze: Recurve Men
15:25-15:40Gold: Recurve Men
15:40-15:50Recurve Men Award Ceremony
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